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Okinawa, a place lush with nature where you can relax..
Wouldn’t you like to take a load off and unwind at a place like this?

“Stay like a local”
“Experience Okinawan life”

This self-serve style cottage was born from these two concepts

Blue sky, blue water, and sugar cane fields jostling in the wind

Yomitanson is surrounded by rich greenery and is situated on the west coast of the central Okinawa Main Island

The cottage is conveniently located just 50 minutes from the airport, and you can easily access a multitude of tourist attractions, including but not limited to, the Zakimi Castle Ruins (a world heritage site) and picturesque landscapes such as Cape Zanpa

Upon request, our staff members will gladly guide guests to tourist attractions




Representative Choushin Takayama


Hello everyone. Thank you very much for visiting my website today.
My name is Choushin Takayama, and I am the owner of Comfort Miyabi. It is a pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance.
I decided to end my 34-year long career as a civil servant and jump head first into the unknown world of tourism where I am now working earnestly towards improving customer satisfaction on a daily basis.
I cordially invite you to embark on a trip to Okinawa, the most southern set of islands in Japan. They are blessed with a warm climate, are abundant in nature, have diverse local culture and arts, and possess Okinawan cuisine, which is widely referred to as “longevity food.”

With that said, I eagerly look forward to hosting all of you when you come visit Okinawa, a place that attracts more than 10 million visitors every year.

Reservations / Overview of Facilities


You can request to reserve the various facilities which comprise Comfort Miyabi.

comfort 雅 No1

  • Rent a detached house
  • Top class cleanliness
  • Self check-in

comfort 雅 No2

  • Rent a detached house
  • Top class cleanliness
  • Self check-in

comfort 雅 No3

  • Rent a detached house
  • Top class cleanliness
  • Self check-in

comfort 雅 No4

  • Rent a detached house
  • Top class cleanliness
  • Self check-in

Facility Features


Feel the winds of Yomitan, a refined space

The cottage facilities are comprised of four separate buildings which were constructed upon the concept of "experiencing the winds of Yomitan." The interior is designed using the color white as a basis and blends modern, as well as Yomitanson, cultural elements to create a warm and relaxing environment. Each building comes fully equipped with a washing machine, kitchen appliances, wi-fi connectivity and all other amenities.

We will direct you to tourist attractions!

We will guide you to local tourist spots situated within the village.

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Nearby Tourist Attractions


The Yomitanson guide for Japan’s most populace village

Access the village beach in just three minutes by car

from Comfort Miyabi (no entrance or parking fee)

Home to the blue and beautiful Zanpa Beach and Nirai Beach, highly popular spots amongst visitors to Okinawa during the summer season

Access the village beach in just three minutes by car

car ride to the Zakimi Castle Ruins

It was designated as an important cultural asset by the former Government of the Ryukyu Islands in 1956. Upon the reversion to Japan in 1972, it was certified as a nationally recognized historical site.

With the support of Okinawa Prefecture’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, repairs to the castle walls and excavation work were conducted during a period spanning from 1973 through 1985. As a result, visitors are now able to fully experience first-hand the history that the castle ruins have to offer.

In 2000, it was recognized as a world heritage site (as “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu”)


Access the village beach in just three minutes by car

Hands-On Theme Park car ride to Murasaki Mura and Yomitan Fishing Port

Murasaki Mura is an expansive theme park spread across a lot measuring some 534 thousand square feet and offers you the opportunity to experience Ryukyu Kingdom history first-hand. The location is often used as a filming location for NHK taiga dramas.

Swimming with whale sharks during diving tours and going horseback riding at the Okinawa Horseback Riding Club are also enjoyable activities!


Access the village beach in just three minutes by car

car ride to Ryukyu Mura

Here you can experience Okinawan cuisine and culture.

You can watch cultural and folk shows, participate in hands-on workshops, and enjoy a meal at free zones. All of which are accessible without paying an entrance fee.

Please feel free to stop by during your visit to Okinawa


Access the village beach in just three minutes by car

car ride to Ryukyu Ninja

A play which weaves ninja and karate-like elements into stories that date back to the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom

These shows can be enjoyed even by non-Japanese visitors as they are non-verbal in nature

High-speed action scenes which incorporate ancient martial arts and Ryukyu karate are enacted by ninjas who are on average 23 years old


Access the village beach in just three minutes by car

Ishikawa Multi-Purpose Dome car ride to the bullring

The Uruma City Ishikawa Multi-Purpose Dome was constructed as the prefecture’s first dome bullring in May of 2007. Ever since it opened its doors, the dome has served as the venue for some 20 bullfighting events each year, organized by the Okinawa Prefecture Federation of Bullfighting Associations, such as the National Bullfighting Tournament.

Today, a wide variety of non-bullfighting events are hosted at the dome, including but not limited to, the “Dragon God’s Banquet,” a traditional performing art local to Uruma City, and the “Eisa and Bullfighting Collaboration”


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Nearby Tourist Attractions